Friday, April 18, 2008


Sorry for my Thursday post on Friday...for anyone out there who really gives a crap about my opinion on Top Chef....but i have to put it off for just a bit longer....we are in the midst of absolute hell here trying to get this thing off the ground. My "perfect storm" the other day actually went perfect with just a horrific ending. the day went as planned and everyone showed up and did their thing.....then the inspectors came! I'll keep you hanging on the edge of your seat to hear about that! Check back tonight for all the latest fun and escapades here at Salt. And maybe you could send a card my way. Send it to Morristown Memorial Hospital, just address it to the guy in the psych ward who shaved his body and was found running northbound on 206 completely naked except for the pink tu-tu, and speaking in some sort of foreign language yet will get to me!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here is how tomorrow morning must go in order for this whole thing to work....(all of this because my friggin'gosh darn gas guy this morning totally screwed me by not finishing what he had come out to do.)
8:30 am gas guy MUST drop off the gas valve needed. 9:00 am plumber MUST be there to hook up valve so that at 9:30 my Service Plus guys can (MUST) be there to hook up and test all of the equipment. 10:00 am my hood guy MUST be there so that at 10:30 (my scheduled time) the Fire Inspector can check our fire suppression system and give us the nod to get this beast open. And this is just a day in the life. I can't make this shit up! Stay tuned to see what happens.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today the entire kitchen will be installed and running. Tim the electrician did his final work last night by finishing the electric on the hood. Gas lines are being installed this morning, equipment is all in place and being connected. Dishwasher is being finished. Oh what a glorious day. Back to what we do best, and hopefully time to bury the hammer! Tune in later tonight to see just how fucked up one simple day can be.....or....(and hopefully)tune in to hear just how sweet it is to be back in business and doing what we were put on this earth to do! I will update this tonight, or possibly as we go along if the day warrants it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We're almost there. Here is a pic of the new entrance, we love it! The official (as official as we as we can be) opening is set for April 22 (assuming all inspections go as we hope). That puts us at about 7 weeks behind our original schedule. Which I guess in contractor and trades-guys world that means we are actually ahead of the game. Not to say that is what held us up, just saying they probably have a more realistic idea of how these things progress. So, that being said, I guess we are right on schedule. That is just one of the things I have learned through this process.... I have also learned more than I would have ever liked to know about new septic systems. Though I love DeJohn (our septic company), and can't say enough about the job they do, if I never see them ever again in my life I would be happy. That is from across a leech field or looking up into a tractor of some sort....I will be happy when I am actually looking across the bar at them and we're all getting a good laugh at this whole debacle we call 76ers.
Enough babbling here for now...I GOTTA GET TO WORK!