Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank You for the Feedback!

I am going to use this as a space to address YOUR comment cards. I will randomly pick cards, write EXACTLY what they say,(so if spelling or grammar is "off", its not on me) and reply. I will pick them randomly and pick good, bad and other. Some will just be your comments which will be posted, and some will be questions I will try to answer....and some may just be posted for shits and here we go..

1. "Took an opportunity to experience greatness before it became known to all. Food delivered in servitude to your senses..."
Thank you! but we ask you to help spread the word..though it may lead to longer waits, it will keep us around for you to enjoy..and remember, we always take reservations!

2."The Burger tasted great-love the bun and all the condiments. First time, more to come. Hope David Johansen comes back this July." Thanks..the burger is one of our biggest hits and has been voted in a number of polls as "The Best". As far as David jo coming back anytime soon....probably won't happen. He is on tour right now with Motley Crue and Poison....go figure! i like to think we had a little something to do with his career re-launching!!

3. "Not happy with the change in the spring roll recipe".....sorry, we are trying to mix it up all the time and need to change with the seasons....and also just trying to offer different things.

4. Brad! out-freakin' - standing!! as usual !
Thank you! and say hello when you are in.....I always want to know when people that dig us are in!

5."Great Food. Lets get some real ketchop though!" ....i want to kill you! We make our own "home-made" ketchup, and there is always the Heinz Crap time tell us you want he home-made

6. "We had a 7:00pm reservation and we didnt get out of the restaurant until 9:30pm? why?" If you are in a rush or need to be out by a certain time, let us know and we will get you out quick as hell.....otherwise sit back and enjoy. We don't rush anyone, nor do we ignore.......let us know your time frame.....