Saturday, May 17, 2008


After a long night out with Mom & Dad ! Thanks guys for joining us tonight! And may there be visions of Salt Shakers dancing in her head....

Friday, May 16, 2008


"local beer"
"more menu items"
"larger servings"
"more vegetarian choices"
"peanut butter pie"
"more choices for people with allergies"
"particular beers"
"different chairs"
"louder music"
"different hours"
"no foul language on the blog"
"more lighting"
"less lighting"
"different fish in the fish and chips"
"more "gluten free" choices"
"live music"

These are just the requests I can remember off the top of my head...
and though we do try to listen to what people want and we certainly welcome suggestions, we have come to realize that there is no way we can please "everyone".
We certainly want "everyone" to enjoy themselves, and we try to accommodate "everyone", but if we try to please one we will undoubtedly offend someone else. That being said we have decided to stick with just being "US", and we hope that everyone understands that. So if you have made a request, it's not that we didn't care, it's merely that we are just going to be "US" and hope that people like "US" as "US". Not to say that we don't want suggestions, if there is any way we can make "everyones" experience better we would love to do it, and we are more than open to listening, we just don't want to offend anyone that didn't see the change that "they" wanted. Cheers!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Another fantastic night here at "chez Salt". Thank you to all who are supporting us and showing us love! Tonight we were host to a book group dinner, some young culinary students, local teachers, and just alot of happy people. We also had the NJ Star Ledger in taking photos for something upcoming. We were also contacted by NJ Magazine for something for them in the future. There has also been alot of interest in forming a bike club, which with combining forces with Cycle Works up the street will hopefully come about real soon. They're doing real cool stuff over there and were hoping to put something together with them, so if you're interested drop us a line and I'll keep you updated.


I'm on top of things this week!'s about time that crackhead Andrew finally met his demise.
One thing of note, as we were all watching at the bar last night, we all commented on the total lack of respect of the panel this season. From season 1, where it was basically "yes chef" "no chef", to this kind of arrogance and talking back. If they don't get a grip on that right away I think the show is down the shitter. I have to say, I love the show, but the inconsistency in judging and the attitude and arrogance of the "chef's" is spiraling downward. To add to that, what the fuck is Sam doing as a guest judge...what has Sam done that they would put him in with the likes of Daniel Boulud, Rocco (though his talent is questionable, he has been successful), Bourdain, amongst others top in the field. Correct me if I am wrong but Sam cam to the show as a "cook", didn't make it into the top 3 of his show, as far as I know has not done anything worth mentioning since the show and is brought back as a JUDGE!?!? So if you are "sexy" you get to judge I guess? Hmmmmm, there goes that spiraling motion I was talking about....If I were one of the contestant's I would have been like "what the fuck?" this guy is only one step away from where they are, and as far as a couple of them maybe even a few steps behind!! Oh well, it's only tv, right?

So I was happy to see Andrew go this week, and was glad to see the judges finally stuck to the rules "they" layed out, that if you don't follow the rules, you don't move on, no matter how good or bad, or how bad anyone else sucked...they have seemed to have a problem with that rule in the past.
As far as next week, I think we will be saying good bye to Lisa. But if you have been going by my picks, forget about it, I've sucked this season!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Alright, I know I am almost a week late on this...but after watching it again on TIVO here is my take on last weeks Top Chef.

The quickfire challenge this week was a fav...the relay race really kind of shows what these guys are about..if you can't do these basic skills, and do them well, as Dale said about Nikki "why are you still here?" And that ended up ringing true.
Antonia...cmon, how long does it take to peel and supreme (section) 5 suck! Now the fish on the other hand..damn, Dale and Richard I have to say really kicked ass...that was pretty impressive.

Wedding Wars....It was a good challenge, but it seemed that the bride and groom were pretty lame in their wants....damn, if I was getting married and was going to have the Top Chef tv show cater it I would call them out, I would want to challenge these guys to put out the best, to really impress. Pizza? filet? seemed more like high school prom food....but thats just me.
And what is with Andrew....with this challenge "I have a culinary boner"..You are a culinary boner Andrew! C'mon Spike...what is rapini? ? (rapini is just another name for broccoli rabe)
It also seemed very obvious that Nikki was "in Charge" whether she liked it or not, and she should have stepped know she would have taken credit if everything had turned out well. Dale whined about doing almost "everything" but almost "everything" sucked.
All of that said, I wasn't sad to see Nikki go, but if they were being consistent and this wasn't for TV, I think it probably should have been Dale last week, just based on the challenge at hand, but Dale makes good TV and he is overall one of the stronger ones....but.

One last thing...Is it just me or does it seem Padma has packed on some serious pounds this season. Not in a bad way. It looks like she has been seriously hitting the gym....huge guns on her, and slightly larger in other areas as well. She actually looks human now as opposed to anorexic. Just my opinion!

Monday, May 12, 2008


-Answer to question on application "Desired Salary" - 1,000,000 ! (for real)
there is something to be said about honesty, unfortunately that is not "you're hired".
-That picture does not go with the theme of the decor. (The semi-nude girl at the bar)
-"If you put Smithwicks on tap I will get a cot and live here"
-"Just because you don't drink anymore doesn't mean you can't taste"
-"what exactly is potato puree'?"
-We had a visit from the "3 bears" this week. Apparently they really like fryer oil. We left three 5 gallon tubs of the stuff by the dumpster for the garbage pick-up, next day there was 1. I followed the grease trail into the woods and up a rock, and sure enough there were the empty containers. Man, the belly aches those guys must have had the next day....and the mess they must have been making in the woods. Watch where you step.
-Top chef this Wed nite at the bar..10:00.... I will actually post my comments on last weeks episode later tonight when I watch it again on TIVO. Things have just been so hectic these past few Weeks that I haven't been able to gather many thoughts, or find the time to get them down on here......but From here out I will be trying to come on each night after service just to put down something, just for my own journal of this craziness...and if you want to read it, comment on it, ignore it, or whatever it will be here!

Just to all reading, keep in mind that this is no reflection on or advertising for the restaurant, it is merely my ramblings and comments on life in and out of the restaurant. If you are easily offended or don't find slightly off color things, foul language, references to drugs or alcohol or sex or anything else that could make this an NC17 blog..then be warned....


Little did I know just how "buddy" these two were. Tommy and Eddie were inseparable and still are after all those years. I love these guys and I'm just glad to see them happy, and thanks for "coming out" to Salt!

Ok...just kidding. Tommy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Healy of Lovey's fame and Eddie is their un-adopted son, needless to say I spent some time with these guys growing up, working, and getting into trouble, so it was great to see them in Salt (with their beautiful WIVES!)