Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is certainly not done to offend anyone, so if you think it is directed at you's not...It's just poking fun at: some of the comments we get, sometimes at myself, and sometimes just at how "funny" we can all be sometimes.

Let me start this by saying that if I took EVERYONES advice on how I should do things here...from the food, to the beer, to the wine, the decor, the side dishes, the outside, the lighting, the bears (yes, how to handle the BEARS), the glasses, the soda, the silverware, the tables, the music, the noise, the television and which channels should be on, the staff, the hours, our marketing, bread (or lack of), pickles,entertainment, the temp in the restaurant, the windows opened or closed, the parking, where we should advertise, what would help us, who we should buy from, .....well obviously I couldn't do that, now could I? So things I feel that we can, want to, and might help, well, we do.
I think I will pick one each time I come on here and address it, and since the last comment to me on here was about beer, and that is only one of many about the beer, I will tackle that one first. This is one that seems to baffle me. Now granted, we may not have every beer under the sun, and to some of you it is unfathomable that we don't have your favorites, but we can't. There is no doubt we have one of the best selections around, we offer 50 some odd bottled and 5 draft. Of the draft, none of them are your "budmillercoorslight" beers. I know, I know..Yeungling? Stella? But these are beers that people want, and a happy middle ground for the average person...the other three, Blue Star, Blue Moon, and Red Seal are solid beers. The bottle selection you can't touch around here. I know it may not have the depth that some of you may want and we don't have obscure beers (maybe not to you, but to the average human being) that only you and your friends may have heard of from all over this planet, but I think we have a pretty good list touching on most styles people are looking for. We can only offer so many, and they have to fall into a certain price point or I eat them. We are now bringing in a beer of the week, something to just mix up the selection a little..I know, I know, it's not the 35.00 a bottle aged chimay blue label or that beer from that obscure brewery on the outskirts of that obscure town in Austria...but it's fun, and it's different to be able to try affordable beers that you may not get anywhere else...and that's it. You may be saying, "well it's not hard, you just should bring in this or that and from here and there and this size and that size and this style and that style and this season and that season", and what not...we just aim to be a place that people can enjoy..period. We can't be everything to everyone...we just want to be a place that people can enjoy. Did I say that already....a place where neighbors can meet, eat, and drink...and enjoy. Don't take this the wrong way. We appreciate every last one of you, but like said, we can't be everything to just enjoy!

And now on to the next one...... lol



River Horse - Hop Hazard Lambertville, NJ

Hop Hazard is hand crafted with a rich malt base that counterbalances a combustible five-hop blend and still leaves your taste buds with enough room to enjoy a unique, dry-hopped finish. 5.5% abv