Saturday, August 9, 2008


"My 9 TV" will be filming sunday August 10th at Salt for an upcoming feature. My 9 contacted us after paying us a visit about doing a story on "gastropubs" in the tri-state area. We're pretty excited to have them pay us a visit. So hopefully in our little way we can HELP just a little bit to put our great town of Byram on the map. (It would also help if we had our own post office, but that's another issue all to itself.) So if anyone wants to come in and check out what is going on or to try and help us get the word out and maybe get a shot a being a small part in Salt history on tv....come on in. We're told they will be in around 6 or so, so come on in, watch the U.S. Olympians on TV, have a cold beer or a glass of wine, have a great meal, and enjoy the hub-bub.....Hope to see you here!



Friday, August 8, 2008


DO YOU THINK YOU COULD CRAM 7 - 10 OF THESE THINGS DOWN YOUR THROAT IN 7 MINUTES?? ARE YOU MAN OR WOMAN ENOUGH TO?? Don't forget the first annual "Salty Dawg" hot dog eating contest is coming soon..Sat Aug 30th.... Take home a handsome trophy and brag to all of your friends for an entire year!

Sign ups are at Salt, so tell your friends and come on down!




Come on down to the Salt Stage and check out "Briz". He'll be with us every Sat night @ 8:30pm. Briz is a captivating performer with a wonderful musical sense. many have compared him to another new jersey artist, and like bruce springsteen, briz is comfortable with both traditional rootsy folk music and contemporary new acoustic. Whether scathing political satire or sensitive ballads, his songs are always memorable. find out for yourself what the buzz is all about.

Come on in,bring a few friends, have a few beers off of our list of 60 some odd, sing along, and just have a great time!!



Railbender Ale

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Brewed by:
Erie Brewing Co.
Pennsylvania, United States

Style / ABV:
Scottish Ale / 6.80% ABV

Cricket Hills "Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale"
We believe that New Jersey is starting to learn what the rest of the country already knows; that local microbrews are some of the best beers in the world! Finally, curious beer drinkers are stepping out from under the mind-numbing barrage of large brewery advertising and deciding for themselves what they like. Our beers are designed for those curious drinkers.

The large breweries use fillers in their beer; Corn or Rice are the most frequently used. Most good beer should be all Barley, in the same way that good hamburgers are all beef. Barley is expensive and the more fillers that are used, the better the profits! Cricket Hill Beers are 100% Barley as are most great beers.

We are currently brewing 4 year-round beers and bottling 3. Our East Coast Lager, our American Ale, our HOPNOTIC IPA and Colonel Blide's. We also brew a true Cask Ale with limited availability.

The East Coast Lager is an easy drinking “golden” lager with a wonderful balance of crisp malt flavors and flowery hop finish. Built specifically with very low bitter aftertaste, the aroma is as clean as the taste. A difficult beer to brew because of the gentleness… this beer is magnificent!

Our American Ale is a favorite everywhere - an amber ale with a wonderful balance of caramel sweetness and hop flavor. The aroma has a slight note of citrus and rock candy. There is not an imported Ale on the market that tastes this fresh!

No mere beverage could satisfy the thirst of the courageous and gallant soldiers who stood guard over the colonies of the British Empire. Their thirst could only be quenched by a full-bodied hearty Ale; an Ale balanced with rich flavorful hops. We are proud to offer our interpretation of this English style India Pale Ale for those who loong for the time when once your duty was complete, the taste of a fine Ale was reward enough for a job well done.

Please take the time to taste different local beers. I am certain that those who decide not to let television dictate what they drink are ready for a wonderful adventure into the world of Beer!

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Erie Brewing.....

Erie, Pennsylvania was an important railroad hub in the mid–nineteenth century, the city being the site where three sets of track gauges met. Railbender Ale, Erie Brewing Co.’s flagship ale, named after the laborers who laid the railroad tracks is brewed with pride, strength and purity symbolic of Erie’s historic railroad’s and railroad workers. Railbender, a strong Scottish style ale smooth malt flavor and astonishing drinkability will have you “Hopping on the train and riding off the rails.” All Aboard!


Say "HI" to Ralph.....Ralph is the newest addition to the "Salt Family". Ralph is a 8 year old pure bred English Bulldog, a "Bully" and was a rescue from the City of Poughkeepsie Animal Shelter. He quite spry for his 8 years and full of snot and charm. Ralph will be hanging at Salt most days keeping me and the staff company as well as making his rounds downstairs once in a while. Ralph likes to keep the exercise down to a bare minimum, so you may not see him "running" the property, but perhaps on one of his leisurely strolls.