Saturday, March 15, 2008


It is March 15 2008, a significant day in the History of Salt Gastro pub! Starting with the design and creating of the sign by one of Salt's best friends (and the Husband of our manager Jennifer) Eric Hornung. With some ideas from Laurie and I, and a few tweeks along the way, Eric was able to put together a sign which is awesome and will represent us for eons and beyond...THANKS Eric!

Second goes out to Tim Stefanik, my electrician, and now my friend. Tim was able to supply us with the proper ladder for us to finish our task for today, and a little moral support as we weened Erion on up the ladder to do the dirty work.
To Tony for being the idea guy behind this particular project, as well as the ladder holder as well as moral support for Erion and telling him "there's no way you would die from falling from that height, maybe get pretty banged up, but not die!"

Last but not least to Erion, our own superhero "Tarz-man". Erion blindly, with nerves of steel took to that ladder and made the rest of us feel like little children in wet pants, holding to our mothers legs. He looked up at it, shook it a bit, spit on the ground raised his fist to the heavens. He tightened his belt, put a little chalk dust on his hands from the chalk pouch around his waist and just calmly looked me in the eye and said "see ya on the other side boy" and just started climbing. My jaw dropped as I felt my eyes start to well a bit and my nerves start to get the better of me. But I knew I had to be a man, I had to watch, I had to see what this Man Erion had that I did'nt, what he had that we all strive for, what makes him go where most of us just tremble thinking of...places for birds and planes, not human beings.....So as Erion put his foot on that first step and started to make his way up that 12' ladder I quietly whispered under my breath, "I love you Erion"

So we all played a part in tying the sign and attaching the sign to the truck. (This way no one person could take blame for any failure, deaths, maimings, or any other unspoken of calamities.) With this, it was tied off to the truck, slowly pulled up to its spot where Erion was bravely waiting and pretty easily hooked on and hung into place (on the second try).
So THANK YOU to all went well and the Salt legend will now begin to grow for years in the land that we have grounded our flag into and claim from here on out as SALT!! 109 rt206S is now claimed by SALT, and it is here we will start a family, grow, and prosper!
Tommorrow we will finally finish the indoor "Water Feature" in the entrance, things are getting sooo much closer... Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

Sign looks better up. I wish I was there to help... SIKE! Seriously thank you Erion and spotters. I have been dreading installation since I completed the sign.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys
We just drove by yesterday and love the sign, it looks awesome. We are so excited for you guys. We are counting down the days for opening.
-Jeff & Joan