Thursday, November 16, 2017


Hard to believe 10 years is around the corner! No shit, where does the time go...I mean, it actually feels as though it's been a lifetime and that I have lived my entire life at Salt. At the same time it seems like yesterday we were just putting this whole thing together. Wow. That being said, where the hell did this year go? I would swear the last time I posted a blog, the "looking 50 in the eye" (a year ago almost to the day)was just a few weeks ago...Well, here we are, and here is another post... I keep telling myself that I need to get on here and let things out, to talk about things that even if no-one reads them I can get them out of my head and onto "paper". But life seems to get in the way, time seems too quick and then shit just fester's in my head....and as Kristin, our mixologist extraordinaire/bar manager/advice giver/therapist/listener and so many other things said today that I am always just "slightly angry", as I was giving one of my beer sales reps a sarcastic ration of shit in our weekly Thursday meeting today (yesterday). So I am going to make this the first year I actually make some resolutions for the new year. I will make a bunch, knowing that not many of them actually make it to let's start the list. 1. Blog more often to get things off my mind and put it out there in the world. 2. Be a little less "slightly angry" as Kristin describes it...I see more meditation in my future. 3. Running with the Salt Shakers again this year...clears the mind, sheds a few pounds, brings a little more focus, and hell they are a fun bunch of crazy ass drinkers with a running problem 4. Replace a low-boy refrigerator in the kitchen, though no-one out there gives a fuck about that, nor should they...but Tony will be happy 5. Bring in some incredible music to the Salt Stage, some of you may give a shit about that. 6. To continue to be an important part of the community through giving back, helping those that need a hand and being aware and appreciative of what's going on right here at home 7. To continue to strive to make out restaurant "green" and good stewards locally and globally. 8. To continue my Research & Development for the restaurant, by having to taste beers, foods and spirits. I know, I say "Brad, how do you keep the pace? How do you constantly taste beer and food and spirits from all over the world? I would hate to be you". Believe me, I know..It sucks. But it is the sacrifice I make and it is an important sacrifice that I am willing to make to better Salt for all. That is probably enough for now...maybe I will add some as the end of the year gets closer...But for now...Say-La-V

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