Friday, March 28, 2008


This is for any of you whom follow Top Chef. Good call Michael and Markate....Yea. Valerie was sent home last week, I have to pay closer attention to these guys names...I guess the problem is that there are a bunch of "Valeries" on there, one's who just in no way stand out. So I guess since she is ALREADY gone, my Valerie pick for next week would have to go to Antonia...she's still there right? Thanks for the correction guys!


Erik sucked and deserved to go home. That guy did'nt bring a single thing to the table in any of the episodes, just whiney excuses of why his food sucked. Then at the end to say their is no upscale Mexican food shows his ignorance and lack of any sort of knowledge of other cuisines. To top it off to say Rick Bayless does'nt know what he's talking about and can go "screw himself" just shows that this guy is a fucking hack! Rick Bayless is one of the best at what he does, obviously. I've eaten at his place "Topolobapo" in Chicago and it really was amazing. Unfotunately they only let one person go this week. I personally would have let go of all of the whining baby's this week...Like Andrew for one...I love attitude and respect a certainn amount of arrogance, in this field you kind of need to have that, you need a thick skin and some confidence or you'll be eaten alive. That being said, if you are going to have the arrogance and attitude you better back it up. Andrew can't. He just comes off as an inexperienced fucking brat...send the bitch packing "His House", who is he kidding? Ryan once again proved he is kind of clueless in the kitchen, did'nt know what chicken piccatta was, now he screws up a classic salad like a "Waldorf" I can't see him going much further. Though I found Ted Allens comment "The Walorf Salad was a for the people salad" silly, come on Ted just the name "Waldorf" tells you it is not of "The People", at least not the people I was created at the "waldorf" for crying out loud! Nikki...c'mon, Mac & Cheese? And you fuck it up? Top Chef? HMMMM!!! Zoi, cmon, a pasta salad, and you screw it up? And whine because its a pasta salad. Make the damn pasta salad, make it the best pasta salad anyone has ever had, and shut up. Again, Top Chef? HMM?
Manuel. I just felt bad for Manuel. Here a Mexican gets beat at a taco challenge, and that's not to say that just because he is Mexican that he should be able to make a great taco, I just feel bad for him that it was probably a huge blow to his ego, and it seemed to take the wind out of his sails. What made it worse is he was beaten out by a jicama wrapped whatever it was. Kudos for creativity, thumbs down on "TACO". I have all the respect in the world for Rick Bayless, but come on, the challenge was a upscale taco....maybe it's me, but I did'nt get it.
Next week's guest chef is going to be Daniel Boulud (my mentor at Le Cirque), I am really looking forward to his episode! As far as a pick for loser next week, its really hard, but i will have to go with Valerie. "Valerie" ?? you say. Yes, and that is exactly why...who the hell is Valerie! I think they will start weeding out those that don't stand out, and keep the one's that make for good tv. We'll see!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Postponed one day...I am just too beat tonight to talk about those shit-heads and go on about how lame they were last that will be for tommorrows post...


The fountain is finally done! I love it! I have been conceptualizing this thing for months, tinkering with it in my head, and Tony and i have finally finished it. It runs from floor to ceiling along the back of the original stone fireplace in the main entrance. The copper for it was actually the first thing I bought for Salt way back in January and now it is finally done, and i have to say it is dead on for what I had in my head from the original thought, so I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do! So now that is painting and the fountain done in 2 days, now that's moving at a good clip! Also a big thanks to "Mom & Dad" for coming in today to clean up some chairs and put the new upholstered chair seats on to their bottoms. My Mom (the whole family is involved) has been working on them for 2 months and I have to say they look damn good! Septic guys put in a full day today, so thats a good thing! One more week and that task should be put to rest! So all in all a good day at Salt!

See ya tommorrow!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Not a damn thing! It's been a few day's since I have been here, sorry to all of those of you who actually tune in to see our "daily" progress....Day's have been long and stressful at this point leaving me with not much energy to get on here. We are into the home stretch now, trying to tie up all the loose ends and co-ordinate schedules of all of those we need to bring this thing to its opening day. To keep you up to date with all thats going on...Menu is being finalized this weekend and I'll post it as soon as its done. The outside of the building was primed (paint) on Sat. and was actually painted this afternoon due to the beautiful day we had. Most of the landscaping has been cleaned at this point and will be mulched early next week. We are holding off on actually putting anything in the ground until things start to bloom and we see what we actually have. The septic, which work was put on hold since Friday due to some problems with the prior owner (huge fucking headache!) is scheduled to resume tommorow morning. Plumber is scheduled to finish his work in the kitchen next Mon. or Tue. Fountain SHOULD be finished by Friday. Beer tap system is still being worked out as far as moving heads, flushing lines and what not. Floors in ding room are scheduled to be worked on Monday. Food vendor meetings are being set up for next week.
I'm sure there is more going on, but before my head explodes and my heart actually stops from anxiety I think I will end it there. I'll do some heavy meditating ( that's mediTATING..NOT mediCATING,lol) before I call it a day and will come back tommorrow with lot's of good news and fun things! Thanks for keeping on coming back, and tune in tomm for more of what's going on here! We're almost there!! (Now that I think about it I do have a funny story about a completly coked out drunk beyond belief chef that Tony and I had the devine pleasure of dealing with on Monday at an aution in NYC, that will have to be for another post!) (Oh yea, there is also a story about "Roger", a "friend" of ours that we have made at athe auctions. Roger is kind of an auction groupie and makes his money helping people dis-connect equipment and what not....well, Roger helped us on Monday and flooded the restaurant in the process...leading to my being yelled at and all kinds of hell....again, another post!) Damn, I did'nt realize how much fun i was actually having in the midst of all of this!