Friday, October 17, 2008


Mercury Brewing Companys Ipswich "Harvest Ale"Ipswich Harvest

- Highly regarded among hop-lovers, our Harvest Ale is a balanced and flavorful autumnal offering, to be enjoyed during the cool, crisp days of fall. We use a darker Caramunich malt and just a touch of chocolate malt along with a blend of Warrior, Ahtanum, and Columbus hops.

6.9% ABV
IBU's 40
Availability: Fall

Riverhorse Brewery Belgian Freeze "Winter Ale"

As the days grow shorter and frost becomes snow, our BELGIAN fREEZE WINTER ALE is the perfect remedy to loosen the spirits. This deep amber tonic is brewed with lots of roasted caramel malt for body and warmth to bring in the holidays and see you through the spring.

8% A.B.V
Available from September thru March. Deep Amber Belgian Style Ale Fermented with Authentic Belgian Ale Yeast. Moderately Hopped and Lower Sweetness Than Most Belgian Ales.

Two great seasonal beers!