Friday, June 27, 2008


Come on in for the 2 and three of the "Subway series" at the bar....come watch the "lowly" Met's (whom I am a fan of, so don't beat me up, just admit they SUCK!)take on the Yankees. Tonight's game is at 8:10pm and tomm afternoon at 3:55pm...



Another new thing going on here at Salt. We're calling it "Meet Your Maker Night".
This will be a night when we bring in reps or brewers from different breweries to talk about their beers. This will be on Thursday, July 17th - 6:30 til close. We will be offering discounts on Troegs pints and of course the bar and dinner menus will also be available all night

So come out and drink some of Harrisburg's finest brews. Two Troegs beers on tap - Hopback Amber and Dream Weaver Wheat on draft as well as Rugged Trail in bottles.
Meet the guy's from Troegs Brewing and be there for a raffle of Troegs t shirts and wall tins. Also, free pint glass giveaway if you buy a pint of Troegs.

This should be a fun night for all!!


Starting on Tuesday July 1st at 5:00pm Salt will be starting it's HAPPY HOUR.....What exactly does this mean?.....well, it means $2.00 McSorley's Drafts (Did you say $2.00 McSorley's drafts?) Yes, $2.00 pints of THE McSorley's Ale. Is that all you ask? HELL NO, we will also be doing "Buy one thing off the bar menu and get another one (of equal or lesser value) for free." That means you can bring that pretty little girl at the office, or that cute guy you've been eyeing up at work, buy them something off the bar menu, and get your own item for free....what a deal!
There will also be daily wine and drink specials!!

So come check it out, meet some friends, get your Irish up with a pint of McSorley's, get some great eats and just enjoy!!! That's what Salt is all about!

This is every tue-sun from 5:00pm - 7:00pm at the bar.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Vermont's "Long Trail Brewing's" Belgian White....Belgian-style beers are the fastest growing segment of American beer imports. In line with Long Trail's mission to create 'locally brewed alternatives to imported beer' Long Trail feels very strongly that Belgian White's unique flavor profile will be we well accepted among Northeast beer connoisseurs as they search for locally brewed taste experiences.

Long Trail Belgian White is available March through August.

Rogue Brewing from Ashland Oregon, their "American Amber Ale". Tawny amber in color with a coffee aroma and tight head. A delicate roasted malt accent, generous use of hops and a smooth finish. American Amber, originally known as Ashland Amber (created at Rogues original brewpub in Ashland, Oregon which was destroyed by flooding several years ago), is created from Northwest Harrington and Klages, 95-115 and 135-165 Crystal Malts. Kent Golding and Cascade Hops. American Amber is available in a 22-ounce bottle, 12-ounce 6-pack (new for 2005), and on draft.

Measurements: 13 degrees Plato, IBU 53, Apparent Attenuation 73, Lovibond 33.
No Chemicals, Additives, or Preservatives


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We will be bringing to Salt something we had started at bula, and something Laurie and I feet strongly about....Project "Welcome Home".

We are offering a night out on us to anyone returning from being deployed overseas fighting for our country. If there is anyone who deserves a nice meal, a hand-shake, a BIG THANK YOU, and a night out with his/her loved one its these guys/gals. We offer complimentary dinner for two, and it's our way of saying Thank You.

We will be working with local police dept's and VFW halls, and just ask any of YOU, if you are, or know of anyone returning home from service to contact us or just stop in. This is in no-way a "Hand-Out"...this is a "Thank You".

So as we are enjoying our summer here in beautiful Sussex County and enjoying spending time with OUR family and friends, let's just all remember these Men and Women who are overseas putting there asses on the line for us day-to-day.

Welcome Home!



Anonymous Comment...

"Erion is very stupid & not as smart as Zach.
Zach is a better human being & Erion will burn in Hell."

Hmmm, I am not sure how to respond to this except to say, I think I disagree with you Zach. I think Erion is a fine human being.


(This is a true story, and the names have not been changed to protect anyone.)

PERILLA NYC... usual. On what would be I think our 4th of 5th time at Perilla it is always just a perfect night. Starting with the company we had of course, to the food, to the service, to the last cup of coffee...We have yet to be even slightly disappointed. I will only speak for my meal which was started with

"Raw Kona Kampachi" The freshest of tuna with yellow garlic chives, toasted rice pearls, and smoked rate.
on to
"Romesco Oil Poached Halibut" with black olive gnocchi, oyster mushrooms, & young garlic sauce. Perfectly cooked, gnocchi was a bit dense but awesome.

a side of "Faro Risotto"....again, just awesome...with artichoke confit, Parmesan, & Chili-grape salad

for dessert

"Red Velvet Cake"..I actually have to say this was the only slight let down, though there was nothing wrong with it, and it was actually REALLY good, it wasn't "Red Velvet Cake". It was very thin layers of cake with a super-dense cream cheese in I said, it was awesome but not what I had expected...more of a cheesecake than anything else.

and being the coffee "junkie" that I am, I have to say the coffee was one of the best cups I have had in quite a while...I don't know what beans they use, but it was the perfect black coffee. And there is no better way to end an evening than with a perfect cup of coffee.

All in All..excellent....
If you ever get a chance I highly recommend this place! 9 Jones Street


Monday, June 23, 2008


From a couple of pirates, to some old friends, contest winners, professional photographer, dining cousins, and just some little ladies getting together for a birthday lunch.....This is what Salt is about!!


Back into the city tonight to dine once again at Perilla restaurant. Perilla is Chef Harold Dieterle's (Top Chef winner season 1)restaurant down in the West Village on Great Jones....Have been a few times and always enjoy, I'll post tommorrow how everything was!


Congratulations to all of the 08 grads out there, be it graduating from kindergarten to 1st, or out of a Doctorate program, and everyone in between...we tip our hats to you.

But a SPECIAL congrats to Mr. Corry Ellis Boyle!!!
Corry graduated with his Byram Class of '08 and is off to Lenape Valley next year. Good luck next year you guys!


Sunday, June 22, 2008


This week we bring out...

Lancaster Brewing's "Milk Stout"..A traditional English style sweet stout. A bold, dark ale, bursting with roasted barley dryness and mellowed by hints of chocolate and coffee.

River Horse Brewing "Tripel Horse"...A unique nose with a hint of vanilla esters, which comes from the Belgian ale yeast. Tripel Horse has a big body and rich mouth feel and finishes mostly dry with a touch of sweetness. If you shy from some of the sweeter Belgian ales, we think you will enjoy this one. This is a small batch release.

A new one added to our Beer List this week...
Abita Turbodog is a dark brown ale brewed with Willamette hops and a combination of British pale, crystal and chocolate malts.

This combination gives Turbodog its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate-toffee like flavor. Turbodog began as a specialty ale but has gained a huge loyal following and has become one of our three flagship brews.

Just a bit stronger than our other brews, so . . .beware of the dog!