Sunday, July 13, 2008



1. We came two nights in a row and thoroughly enjoyed the food!

reply: Thank you very much, we appreciate the patronage as well as the comment!

2. Thanks for putting up with all of our shit! See you soon!!

reply: Again, thank you! And when you are in the "service" industry you learn to put up with alot of shit, it's what keeps our job here fun! So, Thank You!

3. Eel Porter is a gem. Best Fish & Chips I've ever had. Seltzer is a little pricey.

reply: Glad you liked the Eel Porter (see beer snob....people DO like the beer!), as well as the Fish & Chips...As far as the Seltzer, I'll look at that and make a change.

4. Just OK - Nothing Special. Sorry - you will not get your bula following with this menu.

reply: Sorry you felt it was "just ok"...we try to make each meal a little more than ok. As far as the menu, and getting the "bula crowd", that is not our aim or intention..never was and never will be. We want to get our "Salt crowd"! We let bula go 4 months ago, and by no means were we trying to just replicate what we did there here. We took Salt in a whole NEW direction, and honestly are very happy with what we are doing and the product we put out. Now don't get me wrong, we had a great following at bula, and we loved and appreciated everyone that dined with us and we would love to see them come to salt and enjoy what we are doing here...and I must say, alot of you have, and understand us.... but that being said, we want Salt to be Salt, not bula or any other place for that matter. So enjoy us for what we are, not comparing us to what you think we should be or thought we might be. As I've said a million times, we are NO LONGER BULA!