Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bad day-Good day

There was not too much to put on here the past couple of days, things were moving along at a snails pace. Though we did stain the ceilings, gut the kitchen and pull up rotted floor boards, finished grouting and misc. other odds and ends it didnt seem like we were getting anywhere. That being said, today was a productive day. Today with the help of many hands we were able to get the first coats of paint onto the dining room walls (they were actually the second first coats since the very first coat looked like hell next to the newly stained ceilings and we had to pick new colors), so I owe thanks to Bernie,Tad, Tony, Jim, Mike, an well as my little nephew Christopher who acted as a very good foreman and approved of our paint choices. We also picked out our spots for the track lighting in the bar area as well as the dining room, which by the way I must say look awesome. All of that being said, I think tonight I will be able to sleep a good nights sleep. Actually tonight Laurie and I are spending the night in Manhattan and will be checking out The Spotted Pig down in the West Village for a late dinner and either Perilla, Balthazar, or Prune for brunch tomm. morning, and maybe end the trip with cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.This is strictly a working overnight, no fun at all, strictly work (yea right). Tomorrow we will be re-surfacing the bar, and hopefully a few other things....Anyway, still working on those pics, hopefully tomorrow. 3 more weeks!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


The tile is up. After reading the directions of how to apply paper backed glass tile, I gave it a second go, and as of 12 pm tonight it is still up and looking good. Tommorrow is grouting. Ceiling is moving along at a good clip right now, and looking fantastic. Second coats of paint are on the foyer we are moving right along now. Direct tv was installed this afternoon, dishwasher was finally disconnected so the last peice of the kitchen can be removed tomm. Permits on the new hood are still pending, but I am told they will be ready very soon.
The big thing today was moving our final things from bula to salt. The office was cleaned out today as well as a few final things. Tommorrow is the closing on bula, so its an exciting chapter as well as sad. It is almost 7 years to the day that bula was opened, and boy what a 7 years it was, Big "Thanks" to all of you who made bula what it was and supporting us, and can't wait to see you all at salt. Menu items are starting to brew in the head....we'll get some teasers on here starting next week. And hope to get those pics up soon...stay tuned

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last evening with the help of Tony, Erion, and my electrician Tim, we were able to take down the old 76er's sign. And what a fiasco, with Erion hanging out on a ladder 20ft in the air with bolt cutters, rope, wire, and a hammer. Somehow the sign did make it to the ground with the help of my truck, without there being any injuries. What a sight it must have been for those passing on rt 206, oh yea, and we were doing this while it was dark out. Pics coming!
Today we were able to get the first of the inside painting started with the help of Tony, April, and Bernie (my Dad). My Dad who just 7 weeks ago had broke his hip while running with me in Central Park and now thinks for some insane reason it is just fine for him to climb a ladder and paint walls. Nothing exciting to report there, thank God.
We were also able to start taking out the old hood in the kitchen to make room for the new one which should be starting next Mon....if the "Permit God" is smiling down on me.
Tomm is also the big day for the second round of trying to hang tile in the bar area, now that I have actually read the instructions for hanging such tile I feel really good about this....if anyone is reading this, please keep me in your thoughts tomm. LOL
Last but not least.......damn, how about that super bowl prediction?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

superbowl prediction.....

Giants by 3!!

why chef's wives should stay out of chef auctions!

Just to add to the prior blog of the restaurant auction in NYC the other day. Usually I go into the auctions with my chef Anthony. Unfortunately this week Tony was busy, so Laurie came along. Long story short, if anyone is interested in purchasing some beautiful "Oriental" style black waitstaff jackets, we are now the owners of approximately 675 of these jackets, because "you just never know"! Coming Soon......some before, during, and after shots of inside Salt!

Why chefs should stay in the kitchen . . .

So we ordered this beautiful glass tile to put behind the main bar as a focal point. No problem about putting it up--Brad and Tony were on the job. Now, keep in mind, glass tile comes covered in a smooth brown paper with the back of the tile exposed. Brad and Tony were perplexed as to what this brown covering was on the "back???" of the tile. So they got to work, and applied the tile to the mortar PAPER SIDE TO THE WALL. Ok. When all the tile was up they got to thinking . . . "what is going to keep the tile from falling off the paper since it's not ACTUALLY adhered to the wall????? With that, they READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION. I think you know the rest.