Sunday, April 28, 2013

THANK YOU.......for 5 incredible years!

Big, Big Thanks to all of you for getting us to the 5 year mark!
Here are some of the things we have been able to accomplish in our short time here, again, thanks to all of you for your help and support.......

   *Salt has been able to raise or help raise upwards of $100,000 dollars for everything from PTA's to local police department's...From victims of crimes to breast cancer screenings....From local sports teams to victims of Hurricane Sandy.... From Boy/Girl Scouts to local Churches/Synagogues. We are proud to be able to help when help is needed, and it is our philosophy to give back.
*Salt, with help of our Salt Stage Program we have been able to keep the shelves of local food pantries stocked.
*Salt has been able to help those needing a helping hand through the holidays, be it meals, gifts or clothing.  Through all of your generosity with food and gifts our local community has been a better place to be in hard times.
*Salt was able to, with a huge donation by Hudson Farms, get the Roseville Community Garden started and on its feet.  With the help of a great group of volunteers this has turned into such an asset for our community and we are proud to have been able to launch it as well as to continue to be a part of it.
*Salt is able to employ numbers of local residents and hopefully provide a great place to work and an extended Family to be a part of.

*Salt has been able to do it's small part in supporting the local farming community by both using their produce/meats, but also to being a part of the local Foodshed Alliance in bringing awareness to "local" as well as raising monies through benefit dinners.

*Salt has done our part to try and keep people fit- with the help of a couple of "OS"'s (Original Salties) we have formed the Salt Movers and Shakers.  A group of runners and walkers who take off from Salt every Tuesday to hit the trails behind Salt, only to end up back at Salt and toasting their run with a cold one.  The membership has multiplied over the years, catching the attention of the NY/NJ Trail Conference, who this year agreed to grant Salt "Trail Head" status and our own connecting spur to the trail system.

*Salt put Byram on the Maps of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and The Food Network!
*Salt has been able to bring to sleepy Sussex County a music scene that makes clubs in NYC jealous. We have been able to put on our stage "Grammy Winners" "Grammy Nominees" "Gold & Platinum" selling artists "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" Members "MTV " darlings, members of the original "Woodstock" festival and numbers of Legends of the Music industry......We've been able to bring them here because of your support of our music  There isn't an act that we have had that didn't dig the vibe of the room, of the audience and would hesitate to come back..Thank You!

And lastly....we hope we have been able to provide a place for people to gather- be it to celebrate or to mourn...for that first date or that first drink.  A place to get a good meal, a good drink and to be able to just enjoy....

WE are celebrating our 5 years, but it's because of YOU and your support of what we do here that  we are able to continue what we do......So again a BIG "Thanks" to all of you for "Getting" us!!

Bradley and all of the Salt Family!