Thursday, May 8, 2008


That's right...a big THUMB'S UP to you Jay! Congratulations on your 10# bundle of joy, and thanks for spending a night with us here at Salt.(the night before...I like to think we played a small part in realxing you guys and helping make the whole birthing much easier) Jay and his beautiful wife gave birth to a healthy baby this week. Congrats to the entire Sumski Family!


This was a photo shoot we had set up for our, as Jeremiah so eloquently put it, "Food Porn", which I have to admit it did kind of look like a porn set in the back of the restaurant Tuesday evening. These pics will be making it onto the web-site, and who knows, maybe into the "Salt-gastropub" book. Tony and the kitchen did a great job on the food and John Anderson & Justin Johnson really captured what we are doing here (thanks guys......they are the magic behind the web-site), and without any manipulation....just clean food done perfect and presented beautifully....Tony at his best!


I have to say I was thrilled to see these two at MY place....These are our local celebs, Mr. & Mrs. Healy. They were the owners of the famous "Lovey's" restaurant in Byram for years, as well as the "Seafood Shak" in Randolph. They also happen to be my first "bosses" as I was a dishdog as well as a busboy for them at both places. It's kind of nice to see the passing of the baton so to say, and obviously they were people that I hold in high respect and were great role models. But as I also told Mr. Healy that afternoon, I should strangle him for giving me the restaurant "bug". Nahh, I love what I do, and I thank them for setting me on this rocky road straight to HELL, and for probably shaving 20 years off my life, and for my early gray hair, and my anxiety, my nasty habits, my mouth, and for introducing me to a career that I wouldn't change for the world....if you're reading this.."THANKS"!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here are just some answers to comments or questions I have gotten from through replys on the blog...

Let me just start by saying that I am not trying to offend anyone, and that the blog was just started as a way for me to journal and let the few people that cared to know about what was going on here in touch. The blog was not meant to be in any way any sort of advertising or way of portraying Salt. That being said the blog is just me being me, if it is taken as unprofessional or offensive I am sorry that anyone takes it that way. If anyone knows Myself or Laurie, or bula, you know that we run a very professional business, but you will also know that I have always stayed true to myself, and have learned doing so goes a long way.
I know more people would like to see me on the floor and talking with the customers and introducing myself, I understand that. My being on the floor at all is a huge step for me, being out in the dining room is a huge step out of my comfort zone. I do know that it sometimes comes off cold or not caring and it could not be further from that. I appreciate every single person that comes in and want everyone that comes here to enjoy themselves and enjoy what we've created, but by my nature I am a social reject, it really takes alot for me to just introduce myself...there I admit it!!! So if it is taken in any way as not caring I apologize, I am trying. (I know this kind of goes against the personality of a restaurant person, but that is why most chef's enjoy the kitchen, it is the rare chef who ventures into the dining room).
I have to run now and get to work, though I will post again tonight for anyone that cares. And for those that do get offended there is

Sunday, May 4, 2008


WOW....... What a fucking whirlwind. So,big "THANK YOU" to all of you who joined us this week at Salt. We got tons of feedback and learned alot this week. With that we took everything in that was thrown at us, what worked really well, what didn't. What you all liked, and what you hated. Where we lacked and where we were strong. We really do appreciate feedback, it's the only way we get better and give what you want, that being said, we have to weigh everything and still stay true to what We are doing here.
First..we want to clarify one thing from the get go....

WE ARE NOT BULA!...Bula is under new ownership and they are doing a great job over there. We are also not doing the "bula-thing" here. We are doing the "SALT-thing" here! Salt is supposed to be a layed-back relaxed place, a pub, with excellent food, friendly service, great music, great atmosphere,....a real sense of community...that is who we are! We want you to feel like this is YOUR place and when you are here you can RELAX. Period.

ok, now that is out of the way!

So we took a bit of a beating this week, though we were real happy with everything, we were far from perfect. This was to be expected, being our first week, and like I said we will work on everything...If you guys aren't happy, why are we here? We also realize we can't please everyone, though we will try our best, we can't be everything to everyone....we are Salt and we'll be the best damn Salt we can! LOL

Note right off the bat the change in our hours....they will now be
tue - fri 11:00 - Late
sat 2:00 - Late
sun 2:00 - 8:00

There will also be a few menu changes on the way.
We also know that at times service was slow for some of you, and we apologize for that, it is something that we think we have addressed, and something we will continually be working on! (We fired everyone) NOOOO.....Kidding..... We are actually very happy with the staff and how they are working together. We just needed to tweak some positions and what not. Believe me, I am not one to make excuses for bad service, or anything else, but bear with us and we promise to give you our best!