Friday, July 4, 2008


Heading down to the dreaded beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina tomorrow for more restaurant "research". Like my previous "research" trip into Manhattan, I am going to assume that this will also be very taxing and arduous. But I will try to keep my chin up and keep in mind that "I am doing this for the restaurant". I hope to bring back new ideas, some secret ingredients, perhaps a new insight into the business, maybe some creative presentations, or some new fangled cocktails for the bar, maybe some new flavor combinations, or new sources for fresh seafood. Maybe I will have some epiphany and figure everything out and will come back home set to be the next Food Network "Thing" with Salt branded knives and pots, and come up with some "BAM" like catch-phrase like "Ka-Pow" or "Raz-a-ma-taz" and have legions of Mom's hanging on my every word for how to feed their families and friends. Perhaps I'll run into the guy who wants to take Salt national, or international and brand me and this restaurant world-wide, hooking me up with fashion consultants, and hair dressers, stylists and personal assistants. I would have to jet all over the world just to keep tabs on "Seoul Salt" and "Amsterdam Salt", and Bali Salt" and perhaps a "Dublin Salt", actually I will tell "Him", that Dublin is to be first, I like Dublin. So, this could be a BIG trip for me, and for Salt, and for all of us here at Salt...I have always held close the philosophy that those that help me will also reap the benefits of success. So I like to think that in doing these research trips I am kind of taking one for the team, and as stressful and grinding these things are that someday we may ALL benefit from these "Hellish" research trips, and I will continue to do them, always thinking in the back of my mind that as much as I hate them, that someday we may ALL benefit from these!

Or I may just get a little sun, relax for 2 days, and enjoy my family!
Stay Tuned!



Have a SAFE holiday!


Thursday, July 3, 2008


WARSTEINER Premium Verum is the #1 selling beer in Germany. It is also one of the fastest growing imports in the US. Currently there are over 33,000 draft accounts worldwide.

WARSTEINER Premium Verum is a pilsner beer with a smooth, full-bodied taste and a refreshing hop finish and no aftertaste. There are no chemicals, additives, or preservatives in any WARSTEINER products.

Brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516
4.8% alcohol by volume
All WARSTEINER products are non-pasteurized
this a one of a kind beer. Subtle malt notes start this beer off and it finishes with just the right amount of hops to balance it off.

St. John's Brewers "Tropical Mango Pale Ale"
I know, I know, for all of you hard-core beer fanatics this is a bit of a stretch, but if you're looking for just a cool refreshing fresh beer on a warm summer day...this is it!

This a one of a kind beer. Subtle malt notes start this beer off and it finishes with just the right amount of hops to balance it off.

Tropical Mango Pale Ale is a light pale ale with a mango fruit essence that no matter where you are enjoying one it will bring you to a Caribbean state of mind.

We also still have the Rogue "American Pale Ale", and the Long Trail "Belgian White".


Sunday, June 29, 2008


So, how was everything Sir? Everything was great except I had to walk all the way across the God-damned dining room just to use the bathroom!

sorry. and we are working on moving the bathrooms into the center of the dining room, please bear with us.


(I can't make this shit up..)


Come on in and join us tomorrow for the FINAL of the Euro Cup 2008. This year Vienna is hosting the final, GERMANY vs. SPAIN. Come in and share the fun with Mr. Kaspar behind the bar pouring your favorite beers. The game starts at 2:30 and we'll be showing it both in the dining room, as well as at the bar...see you there!