Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Jackson Pollock

So my first post this new forum here! Get this.....

 A very busy night, 2 hour waiting list kind of night.....Everyone worked their asses off all night...everyone did a great job. Closing time comes around, customers all gone, a time for everyone to breathe, have some family meal and get to the chores of cleaning up after service to get ready for the next day.  Server comes out from the mens room white...."Brad, you need to see the mens room". "What? Why?" "Just go look". That's when I ask my right-hand man in the kitchen if he can go take a look at the men's room and come back with a report. He comes back, kind of whiteish/green....."Its bad" he says.
Seems that some guy thought he was Jackson Pollock and decided our mens room was in need of some jazzing up. Shit everywhere. Are you kidding me?.....So now at 1am someone needs go in there, clean up this entire mess and sanitize the bathroom. What kind of animal does this? and thinks that this
is ok? Look, I understand accidents...even explosive accidents...but clean up your own shit asshole.
This is not acceptable behavior ANYWHERE...unless you are into weird shit, but that's a whole nuther blog.....  No-one should have to end their night of work dealing with this.....and to you sir....Eat A Bag Of Dicks!!

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