Monday, February 18, 2008

La Dolce

Today Tony and I hit NYC for yet another auction. A soho landmark La Dolce Vita on the corner of Sullivan & Spring (my old stomping grounds) closed its doors this weekend and we were there to help them. Well kind of, we were there more to help it live on through Salt, in a small way, by picking up some small wares and some great solid wood tables......bringing a little bit of NYC's Village to Byram's. From Spring Street we headed over to the Bowery to look at new equipment for the kitchen. I think we have finally nailed down what exactly we want for the kitchen. So Thursday or Friday it is back to the city to pick out, and pick up our new kitchen equipment. I also just want to say thanks to all of you who have stopped in to say "HI" and to see how things are coming along......that would be you Frank, and Vinnie & Roe, and Jen & Pete, Jim, Jay, Corey and the Boys, Jim & Jan, Spencer & Max, Jill, and anyone else I may have forgotten. Now it is time to go meditate on all that is going on........ More Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Bradley, Laurie,
Thanks for the tour. That was the first time I was in the building since I've lived here. I'm sure I'll be back a lot more. Lynn and I are looking forward to the finished product. What you've done looks great.

Anonymous said...

I voted for the beer

Anonymous said...

Look out -- those auctions can be addicting! And I should know.... PS: I voted for the beer too