Sunday, February 17, 2008


The past few days have been jam packed with all kinds of fun. The kitchen hood is fully installed, which makes way for the kitchen walls to be finished and the new floor to be put down. The kitchen lights have also all been installed on the ceilings. The bathrooms are in the midst of being ripped apart and put back together. Toilets and vanities were ripped out, new walls and floors will be going in, then new vanities and toilets, some fresh paint, new ceiling, and new lights. Tony and I have gotten the 5th and 6th coats of poly onto the bar, and the 1st and 2nd coats of poly onto all of the dining room tables, all of that this morning and afternoon. The roof was tarred (?) to fill in a few pin holes that were in the roof, so with tommorrows rain should prove how well I did that! The interview process began yesterday. Laurie and Jen (Salt's manager) interviewed 15 - 20 potential waitstaff and bartenders and came away with a lot of future Salt employees. They all seemed to deal well with the quirky Salt interview process which means they will fit right in. Tommorrow brings our way another auction day in Manhattan. This time Tony and I will being making the trip ourselves, so there should not be any stories of odd buys....such as waiter uniforms and what not! We really need to pray for some warm (50* or more) and dry days in the near future so we can get at least a first coat of paint onto the outside of the us and pray to the paint God's!
Tommorrow I will let you know how the auction went!

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