Friday, February 22, 2008

Damn snow.

Snow just seems to put a damper on everything right now. Today we are getting just a little bit closer to the end, or the beginning, depending on how I am viewing it at the moment. I spent the day building out the box for our fountain that will be in the foyer.....and I have to say it is going to be awesome. I may be a little biased but I think everyone will like it. The bar got another sanding and another coat of poly on it, which I think is now coat 9....Here is a pic of how the bar is shaping up. Yesterday Tony and I held interviews for the sous chef (2nd in charge of the kitchen)..or actually I should say "interview" because we actually only met with one person yesterday. The staff is shaping up all around, and we think we are putting together quite a team. We have really got some great people coming on board. Our beer and wine menues are really shaping up as well, and boy, wait til' you see them! They're really interesting, and full of surprises...Thanks for the help Bob!
Kitchen floor goes in on Sunday, thats exciting! Dining room floors get their start on Sunday, and by Tuesday should be like new...that is really something I can't wait to see!! There is also a great find going into the new DR floor, after 7 years of searching for an autentic/old manhole cover, when I was'nt looking, there it was. While dropping off scrap metal at Raimo's in Byram, there it 1907 Morristown manhole cover that will be prominently displayed in the middle of our DR floor. That pic I will post tomm. Thats it for today, time to rest my body while my mind races with menu items, deadlines, appointments, phone calls that need to be returned, endless Home Depot lists, kids social schedules, bank deposits and bank withdrawals, oil deliveries, interviews, interview questions, employee handbook info, the lyrics to "Sweet Caroline"....lyrics to Sweet Caroline???? you ask, that's for another post, and countless other things....Kava-Kava is my answer, if you have'nt tried it, its great stuff, and meditation.....these keep the head straight...

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