Friday, March 28, 2008


Erik sucked and deserved to go home. That guy did'nt bring a single thing to the table in any of the episodes, just whiney excuses of why his food sucked. Then at the end to say their is no upscale Mexican food shows his ignorance and lack of any sort of knowledge of other cuisines. To top it off to say Rick Bayless does'nt know what he's talking about and can go "screw himself" just shows that this guy is a fucking hack! Rick Bayless is one of the best at what he does, obviously. I've eaten at his place "Topolobapo" in Chicago and it really was amazing. Unfotunately they only let one person go this week. I personally would have let go of all of the whining baby's this week...Like Andrew for one...I love attitude and respect a certainn amount of arrogance, in this field you kind of need to have that, you need a thick skin and some confidence or you'll be eaten alive. That being said, if you are going to have the arrogance and attitude you better back it up. Andrew can't. He just comes off as an inexperienced fucking brat...send the bitch packing "His House", who is he kidding? Ryan once again proved he is kind of clueless in the kitchen, did'nt know what chicken piccatta was, now he screws up a classic salad like a "Waldorf" I can't see him going much further. Though I found Ted Allens comment "The Walorf Salad was a for the people salad" silly, come on Ted just the name "Waldorf" tells you it is not of "The People", at least not the people I was created at the "waldorf" for crying out loud! Nikki...c'mon, Mac & Cheese? And you fuck it up? Top Chef? HMMMM!!! Zoi, cmon, a pasta salad, and you screw it up? And whine because its a pasta salad. Make the damn pasta salad, make it the best pasta salad anyone has ever had, and shut up. Again, Top Chef? HMM?
Manuel. I just felt bad for Manuel. Here a Mexican gets beat at a taco challenge, and that's not to say that just because he is Mexican that he should be able to make a great taco, I just feel bad for him that it was probably a huge blow to his ego, and it seemed to take the wind out of his sails. What made it worse is he was beaten out by a jicama wrapped whatever it was. Kudos for creativity, thumbs down on "TACO". I have all the respect in the world for Rick Bayless, but come on, the challenge was a upscale taco....maybe it's me, but I did'nt get it.
Next week's guest chef is going to be Daniel Boulud (my mentor at Le Cirque), I am really looking forward to his episode! As far as a pick for loser next week, its really hard, but i will have to go with Valerie. "Valerie" ?? you say. Yes, and that is exactly why...who the hell is Valerie! I think they will start weeding out those that don't stand out, and keep the one's that make for good tv. We'll see!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree, this week's episode just proves there is alot of weeding out to do. I'm looking forward to next week's episode and Daniel Boulud, hopefully it will be a good one.
PS- the fountain looks AWESOME! Can't wait for the opening!

Unknown said...

Brad, I hate to say this 'cause I love you man, but Valerie was kicked off on week 2. However, the prediction of her being off the show by episode 4 is a lock!!

Kate said...

Psst--Valerie already went home last week, for her soggy blinis at the zoo. I predict Zoi or Nikki will be going soon.

I'm adding my voice to the chorus--the fountain looks fantastic!